Why sponsor us?

Founded 1880

Bradford Airedale is a local community athletic club based at Horsfall Stadium, Cemetery Rd, BD6. We cater for all ages and cover all athletic disciplines. We are run completely by qualified volunteers who give up their time free of charge.

How kids benefit from organized athletics?

Kids learn essential life skills, such as hard work, patience, persistence, and how to respond positively to setbacks and failure. Endurance sports have been found to enhance brain development and raise the IQ of children.. More information can be found here www.athletics365.org

How we are funded?

  • Affordable membership subscriptions, to keep it inclusive for all families.
  • Some coaching session fees from our members
  • Charitable donations from well wishers
  • We also promote an annual 5 mile race sponsored by the Fire Service headquarters at Birkenshaw which makes a small profit.

Why do we need support?

Our outgoings include:

  1. An increase in the the annual club membership fee to England Athletics, along with individual membership fees.
  2. Affiliation fees for various disciplines and administrative bodies.
  3. Competition league costs. Last year the junior Track and Field league was £375 and the senior league £350.
  4. Senior league Track and Field match which costs between £500 and £700
  5. Purchase and replace training equipment
  6. Cost of Supporting coaches to complete training courses including transport costs
  7. Internal competition prizes for our members (medals, trophies, books etc)
  8. Advertising to help us involve more young people into athletics. This includes: printing, website hosting and domain charge.

How can you support us?

  • Money donation
  • Vouchers and discounts for our members for your service or products
  • Clothing/ events sponsorship

Benefits for your company

o   Flyers distributed via local schools during the year which can support you in finding new customers (B2C).

o   Emails sent to local businesses which can help your company to build good business relationships (B2B).

o   we would welcome you to be our main sponsor. Your logo will be printed on our sport outfits

  • We are willing to offer you a specially dedicated landing page under our website with detailed description of your business which will enhance your page rank in search engines and boost your SEO
  • Promotion through social media

Are you interested?

Please contact:

Club Chairman

Chris Hainsworth